Missionary To Queen Creek?

Learn about Queen Creek.

We love our city, and we love our context.  We want you to love her and the people in it if God is calling you here.  Learn about her.  Look at google maps and pray for her.  God is the God of the City and we pray he may be drawing you here to serve her.

Step 1:  Learn about AMADEO - read every page on this website.

Step 2:  Watch this video below about Queen Creek.

Step 3:  Begin praying for us

4.  Consider what it looks like to be a missioanry at AMADEO:

  • A.  We will try to provide you a home and basic meals at home.
  • B.  We will give you $150 a month for fun and meals on your own for special events (you will need to bring more than that for work you do here.)
  • C.  We will try to get you a car to use for the time you are here - the shorter time you are here the more likely we may be able to hook you up - otherwise families will give you rides.
  • D.  We will provide you a few mentors - one your age & one who is older and your same gender.
  • E.  You will serve in one or several of our service ministries: Coffee Shop, Food Pantry, With Youth, In Apartment Outreaches, With Homeless, At A pregnancy Center.

5.  Our past guests have come from: Germany, Tanzania, Northern Ireland, Canada, UK, Maryland, Colorado, & Texas.

6.  You should plan to bring $300-400 a month, and give $100 a month to your host family for all the services they will provide for you (food, travel, etc) - Of course if you cannot do that we can help with a scholarship as well.  You are coming as a missionary to bless the community.  They want to serve you and appreciate you - but you are coming to bring the gospel, love on people and to serve others.  You will inevetibly be changed and grow in amazing ways.

7.  You will have opportunities to be:

  • Mentored by the lead pastor informally
  • Take a pastoral considerations 6 month class


See the future build out of downtown Queen Creek - one vision.

You must click on the video below and watch it from Vimeo Player. 

Queen Creek Residential from Kitchen Sink Studios ®, INC. on Vimeo.