Global Mission

Mexico: (Since 2006)

We have been working in Mexico for over 12 years at various orphanges.  We go several times a year.

Tanzania: (since 2009)

Right now we are supporting two Churches we have helped plant in Tanazania, primarily thorugh prayer.  We have gone to Tanzani over 6 times since 2011.  Our trips are currently on hold.

AMADEO has worked with a partnership of churches in Tanzania - where Pastor Ben has built relationships, helped teach classes on discipleship and Kingdom Theology, as well as been part of finacially and spiritually encouraging a new church plant in Iringa, Tanzania.

Northern Ireland: (since 2004)

We are heading back to Northern Ireland in 2021.

Even before AMADEO was birthed (2006), Ben was taking 14 youth to Northern Ireland with Youth for Christ.  In 2006 we partnered with another church plant in Northern Ireland and we have been sending folks back and forth for 8 years.  We sent two young adults for six months one year and another young lady for six months.  In summer 2015 we will send two young men to serve for six weeks in the upper bann vineyard.

Germany: (since 2012)

We are heading back to Germany with Groundwork ministries in the summer of 2020 if your are interested email us.

We have had four missionaries form German for around six months each.  We sent a team with ground work ministries in 2015, and we are sending another team in 2018. We will conduct Vacation Bible School events and work with muslim refugees with an old friend.  Groundwork ministreis has been leading trips to Germany for over 10 years.  This is another long term two way commitment trip.

Love of God Tour:  (Since 2004)

For over ten years AMADEO has worked with Ember cast and with various churches in Canada, India, and Germany, and around the states to bring people from all over the world to get training and serve in our local community.  The result was young adults ready to return and serve in their local context.