Spiritual Direction involves having a spiritual director come alongside you in your walk with Christ.

Spiritual direction differs from having a Disciple/Mentor or a Life Coach.  A Spiritual Director is not telling you what you need to know, or holding you accountable for good behavior or actions.  A Spiritual Director is not having you read books, practice doing outreach, or helping you learn a skill.  A Spiritual Director is not having you set goals and objectives and reach those.

A Spiritual Director may meet with you once a month, or once every six weeks, or at any interval you want.  A Spiritual Director will sit with you and listen to you share what God is doing in your life.  A Spiritual Director will listen, observe, affirm what God is doing in you, and help you help yourself sort out what you are hearing from God.  

A Spiritual Director may listen to what God has been teaching you and ask you questions to help you dive deeper into what God is doing.

A Spiritual Director is a person journeying with you in your relationship with God.

A Spiritual Director may have some scripture for you to meditate on and talk to the Lord about.

A Spiritual Director is helping you dust for the fingerprint of God in your life.  They will help you pay attention to what God is saying to you.

A Spiritual Director may help you be still and listen/recognize the voice of God in your life.

If you would like a Spiritual Director we recommend: Danny Mullins - but there are many other trained Spiritual Directors both males and female.

Danny Mullins website is here:  http://www.healingpresence.net/about.html   Sessions are $50 an hour.















For people outside of our church Pastor Cloud offers spiritual Direction: