If you are considering Church planting, pastoring, and shepharding you should count the cost and begin "doing the stuff," right now.

Step #1 
 Watch this video first.

Step #2  Watch this video second.

Step #3  Get busy in your local church:

3.1-Attend her humbly and regularly for a year and become a member (Be tithing, serving in outreaches and Sunday services from opening to closing)

3.2-Talk to your pastor and/or ministry lead in the area of ministry you are concerned with (worship, outreach, discipleship, etc) and tell them you are ready to sit at their feet and serve them in the least most humble way that is available - tell them you want to learn and grow and that you will do it humbly and receive all correction welcomingly.

#4 - Take the Pastoral(Shephard/Church Planter) Considerations Class - A six month certificate class

This class is designed for the shephard over any ministry (worship, mercy, whole-church, etc) - who wants to care for his or her people in their ministry.  There is no promise to be a pastor or shepherd at the end of the class, only a commitment to help those intertested in a lifetime of ministry consider such issues as:

1.  How to care for the spiritual souls of a diverse and large group of people

2.  How to develop a clear and explainable vision for church leadership, leadership training, and whole-church spiritual direction

You will have six homework/research assignments, and read four books:  Life Together by Dietriech Bonhoeffer, Pastoral Care by Gregory the Great, A Country Parson by George Herbert, and Community & Growth by Jean Vanier.

In additional participants will engage in outreaches, discipleship, evangelism, and help with whole Sunday services.

#5 - Have a "sitting" with the elders of your church and have the weight of your humble year plus service (Sundays from opening to Clsoing) as well as discipleship, outreach and the like--- and have the pastoral considerations class under your belt and say to them your desire and your willingness to have them direct you on what you should do next.


Path A - Continue to serve as a disciple in your area of ministry choices:  worship, discipleship, evangelism, outreach, mercy, teaching

Path B - The Pastor/Preacher - You will work with the pastor to help give you opportunities for discipleship, teaching and preaching, and theological training

Path C - Church Planter

C1 - Choose to work with Converge of the Baptist General Convention/(Vision AZ is the local branch)

C2 - Choose to work with the Multiply Vinyeard Movement