Zooming, Streaming & Giving

Weekly Zoom Meetings:

Wednesday Youth 630pm Bible Study Gathering Zoom: (Get with Robin or Nate for link)

Men's Wed 6am Bible Study Zoom (Click here to zoom link)
Zoom id: 448-879-035
Women's Wed 930 Bible Study Zooom (click here to zoom link)
Zoom id: 374-883-958
Password required: Talk to Mandy Cloud
AMADEO KIDS SUNDAY BIBLE & PRAYER TIME  11am (click here to zoom link)
Zoom id: 904-102-658
Password required: Talk to Mandy Cloud

Weekly Small Group Zoom Meetings:

3rd Place Homegroup - Eric & Carla's Monday Meeting: Monday's at 6:30 pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 843-954-671
password: Call Eric or Email Eric for password

The Bowmans homegroup will  still be meeting either through Conference call or Zoom.  It's 2nd and 3rd Friday of each month. People can contact Louise 480-238-9328

Bohanna/Amegatse Zoom Group - Call Sam or Paul for info.

Sunday Services:


Facebook Live Sunday Service (click here and wait for 9am service to begin)

You Tube Live Sunday Service (click here and refresh at around 9am)

Video on our Church Page Online: Click here for watching online.


Weekly 7-730am online services: (Lectionary Reading, Worship, Corporate Prayer, Communion)


Noah Cloud Leding T-Thursday (Click Here).   Podcast Here

Ben Cloud leading M & F  - Facebook Live (click here and wait for 7am for service to begin)




If you want to get on the Church email - them email to get on the email.